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Name and Location:
David Young
Northeast Georgia (Cleveland, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia) (2004- )

Former Locations:
Arcadia, Florida (2000-2004)
Port Charlotte, Florida (1998-2000)
Brandon, Florida (1972-1998)

1997, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida,
  MA (MLS), Library and Information Science
1994, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida,
  BA, English
1990, Brandon Senior High School, Brandon, Florida

Work Experience:
2008-Present, Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library System, Northeast/Spruill Oaks Regional Library, Johns Creek, Georgia
  Children's Librarian
2004-2008, Truett-McConnell College, Cleveland, Georgia,
  Librarian (Evening Reference)
1998-2004, DeSoto County High School, Arcadia, Florida,
  Media Specialist
1993-1996, School Board of Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida,
  Substitute Teacher
1989-1998, Brandon Comic Shoppe, Brandon, Florida,
  Sales Clerk/Store Manager

Also Worth Noting:
2002 (January)-2003 (December), First Baptist Church of Arcadia,
  Volunteer music leader/choir director (co-music leader June-December 2003)

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Commonly visited websites:
Comics Continuum (news for comics collectors)
Newsarama (another great site for comics news)
The Pulse (a third site for up to date comics news)
Grand Comics Database (massive comics index site)
Star Trek Book Database (news, bulletin board)

Hobbies and Interests:
Comic books (and comic book-related TV shows, movies, cartoons, books, etc.)
Star Trek and Star Wars
Reading (see "What I've Read Recently" at right)
Music: Jazz, oldies, contemporary Christian (favorite artist: Michael W. Smith), movie/TV soundtracks
Old-time radio shows (Burns and Allen, Jack Benny, Superman)
Classic TV (TV Land 50s & 60s stuff such as I Love Lucy and Andy Griffith Show as well as some 70s & 80s favorites from childhood such as Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider; also just about anything comic book based, such as every Superman show from 1950s Adventures of Superman to today's Smallville, recent animated series such as Batman and Justice League, and 1970s Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman)


Me (January 2010)


"What I've Read Recently":
(* Currently reading)

Vulcan's Soul Book 3: Epiphany (Star Trek novel). Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz. •
• How Few Remain. Harry Turtledove. •
• Captain America: The Great Gold Steal. Ted White. •
Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. Matthew Stover.* •
The Complete Little Ophan Annie Volume One. Harold Gray.* •

(Five most recent books.  For complete list, click here.)
(See also: Library Thing "Currently Reading" )
(See also:Library Thing "Recently Read (Last Ten)"
(To see what comics I've read recently, see the "Comics Reading Blog".)
(See also: Library Thing "Recently Read Comics (Last Ten)" )
(Lastly, see also: YTrek's Reading/Viewing Blog at Blogger )

Updates Page. Contains news about my website and my life in general. (Latest update on Sunday, November 27, 2005.)

Star Trek Chronological Reading Project.  In 2000 or so I started corresponding with other Star Trek fans over on Psi Phi's "Star Trek Book Database" web site.  The bulletin board there is a great place to hang around if you enjoy talking Trek (specifically Star Trek's long line of novels which have been published over the years).  Editors and writers from Pocket Books (the current home of Star Trek prose) hang out there as well.  Anyway, in early 2001 I started a bit of a reading project.  Namely, I decided to read all of the various Star Trek stories (short stories, novels, comics, etc.) in chronological order.  Using the Timeliner's Star Trek timeline (most recently published in Star Trek: What Lay Beyond) as a starting point, I modified it to include all of the non-Pocket Books stories and then started reading.  As I finished each story, I posted a mini-review over on the Psi Phi bulletin board for everyone to read.  My reading has been interrupted from time to time by various things, so there have been big gaps in my reviews.  I decided to post a web page here which records my reviews and puts them into the proper context.

Books Read Recently List. What books I've been reading recently. (Page created: May 2004).

Comics Reading Blog. What comic books I've been reading recently, in a web "blog" sort of format. Complete with title index. (Page created: May 2004).

Work Related Photos. Photos related to my job at DeSoto County High School (1998-2004).

[Re: Golden Age Superman Index. I have decided to drop this feature.  For one, I just haven't had the time to devote to it (I hadn't updated the page since March, 2002).  Second (and more importantly), I've found that someone else has already done what I was hoping to accomplish with it (and much better than I could ever have).  I encourage those interested in this to take a look at Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics DC Indexes.   Not only does he have a much more comprehensive index going for the Golden Age and Silver Age Superman comics, he has indexes for pretty much every significant DC character (including Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) from those periods.  So please, take a look.   In the meantime, I will focus my attention on the Star Trek Chronological Reading Project.  I still love the comics, so I may return to this at some point in the future, but most likely in more of a running "blog" format, commenting on the comics as I read them, as opposed to a full-fledged index.]

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