Please Note: On July 15, 1999, after 17 years of doing business in the Brandon area, the Brandon Comic Shoppe closed it's doors for the last time.  I am keeping this website up as a testiment to the store's longevity and impact on the area's comics fans.

The Brandon Comic Shoppe Website

Brandon Comic Shoppe
210 South Kings Avenue, Suite E.
Brandon, FL 33511
(813) 685-6427

Brandon Comic Shoppe is open the following hours:
   Sundays 12pm-5pm
   Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 12pm-6pm
   Wednesdays, Fridays 12pm-8pm
   Saturdays 11am-6pm

New comics (and other products) usually ship on Wednesday mornings.

Store Features:
Brandon Comic Shoppe specializes in comic books and comic book-related merchandise.  The store carries current issues from all of the major comic book publishers (Acclaim/Valiant, Dark Horse, DC, Image, Marvel), and many smaller publishers (Chaos!, Topps, Harris, Viz, Warp Graphics, etc.).

The most frequent customers almost all use the store's special "subscription" service.  At no extra cost (no deposit), customers fill out a form saying which titles they wish to collect on a regular basis, and each week these titles are pulled from the new shipments before hitting the shelves.  The customer gets a discount of 10% on all subscription purchases, and it is a great way to keep from missing important issues.

Customers can also special order individual items from Diamond Comics Distributor's
PREVIEWS magazine, which usually ships at the beginning of the month.  Depending on the item and it's cost, deposits are sometimes required.

Back Issues!!!

Brandon Comic Shoppe has one of the largest collections of back issues in central Florida due to its long history.  The store currently have over 150,000 back issues in stock and the collection is growing each month!

Brandon Comic Shoppe uses both
Wizard: The Guide to Comics and The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide (for those titles not appearing in Wizard) to price it's back issues.

Brandon Comic Shoppe also offers special "half-off" sales on all back issues sporadically.  While the dates are not always definite, the store usually has at least 2 to 3 half-off sales a year, one in the fall or winter, one in the spring, and one in the summer.


Brandon Comic Shoppe currently carries selected sets (individual packages) of Star Wars: Collectible Card Game by Decipher and Magic: The Gathering from Wizards of the Coast.  The store also stocks a few other games on a limited basis (Star Trek Collectible Card Game by Decipher, Aliens vs. Predator, etc.).

Former employee Robert Silmser ("Gold 44") is an official Star Wars CCG tournament director who runs Star Wars tournaments on a regular basis at the comic shop.  These games are usually played on Friday nights and Saturday mornings.  Robert also is part of the Black Circle Gaming Society, which has been role-playing at the comic shop for years.  For more information about Star Wars tournaments or the Black Circle, please e-mail Robert at  Plus, the Black Circle is also on the 'net at 
Black Circle Gaming Society Webpage.


Open since 1982, Brandon Comic Shoppe is one of the oldest comic book stores in the Tampa area.  Originally the store was known as The Family Discount Book Center.  It was located on Brandon Boulevard (State Road 60) where New York Carpet World is located today.  The store was co-owned by John Perritt, and carried both a wide selection of books (paperback and hardback) at a discount price, and most importantly, COMIC BOOKS!

Three years later (1985), John and his partner decided to dissolve the partnership, and John reopened the store as Brandon Comic Shoppe, specializing in comic books and related materials.  It has remained more or less the same ever since.

Brandon Comic Shoppe's first location was at the corner of State Road 60 and Beverly Blvd.  It remained there for nine years.  In 1994, it moved into a storefront on West Robertson near the now-defunct Brandon Twin Theatre.  The store stayed there approximately two years.

Finally, in January 1996, the store moved into it's current location at 210 South Kings Avenue, Suite E., in the same shopping center as the Beef O'Brady's restaurant.  It is the largest location we've been in since the original Family Discount Book Center.

While John Perritt has remained owner and chief operator the entire time, Brandon Comic Shoppe has had quite a few store salepersons and store managers.

Both of the current workers at the store, Robert Sayre and myself (David Young), have been with the store for many years, and we've both taken turns being "store manager".  (For more information about my experience, see
David Young's Home Page )  Also, as mentioned above, another former employee named Robert Silmser runs gaming tournaments on a regular schedule.

[The details of the paragraph just preceding this one have recently changed.  As of August, 1998, I (David) have accepted a full-time position as a media specialist at DeSoto County High School in Arcadia, Florida.  This meant I had to move and end my working relationship with Brandon Comic Shoppe after 10 years.  Please see my personal webpage (
David Young's Home Page) for further information about the move.  As of July 1998, Rob Sayre is operating manager of the comic shop, and John Perritt is still the owner.--DY]

[June 15, 1999--Brandon Comic Shoppe closed doors for last time.--DY]

Website Features:
[Sorry, but due to the fact that I no longer work at the shop and now work full-time as a media specialist (about an hour-and-a-half away from the comic shop),  I no longer have the time or access to the shop to provide the website features I used to.  The only reason I'm mentioning it here is for those of you who might remember them and wonder where the updates went.--DY]

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